How pleased I am to have found a company like nanimarquina. Coming from a creative family background with a design heritage, Nani set up her rug company in 1987. Not only does this family owned company produce beautiful rugs, of course they do that. They also emphases on so many aspects I sincerely value.

Under the international premise of “reuse, reduce, recycle”, they pay the utmost attention in caring for and preserving the environment that surrounds us. Using biodegradable and recycled products, the way of respecting our resources is playing a key role in their product and production development.
I like their words when they talk about craftsmanship ‘we make tradition contemporary’. For being innovative, you have to understand the past.
Talking to a nanimarquina team member, you feel the pride and love for their employer and the products they make.
Not only did Nani Marquina decide to relocate the production to developing countries in order to boost local economies and offer new opportunities and improved living standards for the local people there, she also works
with organisations such as Care&Fair, who support children’s creativity and imagination for a better future.
One specific project I really liked a lot. Nani set out a drawing contest at an Indian school in cooperation with Care&Fair. Not only did the winning design become a fixed item in her rug collection. The Proceeds from the sales of this rug, are donated to the organisation to finance the Amita School in Bhadohi (India). They call this rug Kala and the initiative the Kala Project.